NUI Galway NBIPI cmi

The Centre for Microscopy and Imaging  is a major university resource for students, research and teaching staff.

Our highly experienced, specialist staff are committed to providing a supportive and resourceful working
environment where researchers can expect expert advice and comprehensive training that equips them to
achieve their goals.

Our challenge is to meet present needs of researchers for microstructural characterisation and to equip NUIG
to meet new horizons by enabling cutting edge microscopy techniques.

The CMI comprises of research teams from Anatomy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, NFB , REMEDI and the NCBES,
all of which are based at NUI Galway and all involved in microscopy and imaging.
The aim of this site is to showcase the imaging technology available at NUIG that can be used to develop solutions
in both the academic and industrial domains.

We welcome collaboration and partnership and currently are part of the National Biophotonics Imaging Platform.

Currently the CMI is managed and run by :

Prof. Peter Dockery, facility director;
Mr. Pierce Lalor, technical officer EM;
Dr. Eadaoin Timmins, technical officer EM
Dr. Peter Owens, facility scientist light microscopy;
Dr. Kerry Thompson, facility scientist em and light microscopy.