NUI Galway NBIPI cmi

Characterisation of migration in menenchymal stem cells

in collaboration with the Regenerative Medicine Institute NUIG

migration in msc Upon stimulation, mesenchymal stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to sites of injury where
     they may facilitate wound repair. During cell migration, a re-localisation of specific migration-associated
     proteins and a rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton occurs. This image was taken using an Andor Revolution
     spinning disk confocal system (Anatomy) with 60x oil objective (projected image of z-stack).Red: Rhodamine
     conjugated phalloidin (filamentous actin), Green: Dylight 488 (tubilin), Blue: DAPI (nuclei).

Dr. Aine Prendergast Systems Biology Ireland, Remedi, NUIG.