NUI Galway NBIPI cmi

Andor Revolution confocal microscope

Andor Revolution Confocal Microscope

  • spinning disk confocal  (Yokagawa CSU22)
  • Fluorescence, DIC and Phase contrast imaging
  • incubator for live cell experiments
  • andor iq 2.3 acquisition software
  • piezo controlled stage
  • High-resolution EMCCD camera (Andor iXon EM+).
  • 10 x
  • 20 x
  • 40 x air
  • 40 x water
  • 60 x oil
  • 60 x water
Light source:
  • 4 laser combiner
  • Four solid state laser lines: 405nm, 488nm and 561 and 640nm.
  • epi fluorescence white light source
  • DAPI, FITC and TRITC filter sets for epifluorescence
  • range of emission filters with automatic shuttering

  • Variable temperature/CO 2 humidified incubation chamber for live cell experiments.
  • Olympus IX81 motorised inverted microscope fitted with a piezo controlled z-stage compatible with 35mm petri dishes, chamber slides and standard microscopy slides. Stage inserts are also available for multiwell plates.


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