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Image Analysis

There is a range of equipment for image analysis, deconvolution, tracking and colocalisation


  • Volocity is imaging software used with 2D and 3D images. It has many features including: colocalisation, deconvolution (�fast� to improve an image for presentation and �iterative� to sharpen an image for analysis) and movie sequence capabilities. There are also many other options including: collating and viewing data graphically, creating 3D representations of data and tracking specific objects through a time sequence. We have a number of Volocity licenses either from the Optigrid system (used for acquisition) or remotely if required (to run Volocity you must have a computer with sufficient RAM and a good graphics card. Contact the centre manager for further details).
  • The Andor Revolution system software IQ2 has a series of offline processing features such as the 3D/4D viewer, montage imaging, movie editor, co-localisation analysis, object tracking and multi-dimensional mathematical operations.
  • The Olympus Fluoview 300 software allows one to view fluorescence histograms in an area, time-lapse measurements and various image processing options.


  • Deconvolution of data stacks,
  • Measurement of colocalisation,
  • Quantification of areas, volumes and regions of interest,
  • Cell/molecule tracking in 3D and 4D,
  • Image analysis and quantification of areas, volumes, ROIs, lengths, thresholding, object size and distribution, and
  • 3D image rendering and animation