NUI Galway NBIPI cmi

Hitachi H7000 Transmission Electron Microscope.


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  • Accelerating Voltage range from 25 to 125kV.
  • Magnification range from 50X to 1000X in low mag. mode. 1000X to 500000X in zoom mode.
  • Resolution of 10 Angstroms point to point.
  • Heated biased hairpin tungsten filament Electron Gun.
  • Eucentric side entry goniometric stage. 160mm phosphor viewing screen with 110mm focus screen incorporating image shift correction.
  • 5 stage imaging lens system with image rotation.
  • 3 stage condenser lens system with variable spot size from 0.3 to 8 microns.
  • AMT digital image acquisition and image file archiving system